Cristema has assumed, throughout the years, an active attitude that balances the economic growth, the social responsibility and the environment protection. It is based on ethical values, justice and loyalty towards its customers, collaborators, suppliers and community. In the company’s approach reflects an increasing social concern for its community and respect for the environment.



In Cristema, we look at the future optimistically and we act according to the highest conduct standards. Cristema defines their mission as adding value to the market, offering new products, produced by a collaborative, competent and motivated team, which satisfies the customers and other business partner’s needs.

To be successful on its mission it is crucial to advertise and share essential values that make part of the company, such as Innovation (surprise and lead value in the business), Passion (offer total dedication to work), Trust, (go beyond client’s expectations), Talent (promote the knowledge and professional growth) and Excellence (draw ambitious objectives and use all skills to reach them).



Cristema owns an internal control system, created by an experienced team who assures the producing system supervision. Quality is an implicit company’s requirement that always focuses on creating the best products.

Taking into consideration its innovation, Cristema proudly presents new products annually, designed and projected to answer the market’s needs. This entrepreneurial vision is based on the constant analysis and optimization of the production process.