What our clients ask us on social networks

Redes sociais Cristema

Social networks have assumed an increasingly important role in the communication between Cristema and its customers and there are several messages that we receive in our mailboxes.

Thus, we decided to answer in this article the questions that we are most frequently asked.


What material are Cristema’s cutlery made of?

At Cristema we try to provide the best tableware to our customers, so all our cutlery is made of stainless steel, a material of excellent quality that allows us to maintain the original condition of the pieces for several years.


How many pieces do our cutlery sets have?

Cristema’s cutlery sets can have different compositions. So, you can find cutlery sets made up of 24, 48, 75 and 130 pieces. (See all of our models at https://cristema.com/en/products/). 


How much do our sets cost?

The price of Cristema’s sets varies a lot, depending on the model and the number of pieces that make up the set.


Where can I buy Cristema’s products?

Cristema does not have an online store or any direct sales channel to the public. Thus, all sales are made through our resellers. To find out which partner is closest to your area of residence, send us a message. We promise to respond as soon as possible.


What are Cristema’s opening hours?

Cristema operates from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.


Is there any possibility of working at Cristema?

Cristema is currently recruiting full-time production operators. Applications can be sent to geral@cristema.com. For more information, you can call (+351) 253 576 487.

You can also send us your CV at any time. The data will be analysed when we are in a recruitment period.



If you have any questions to ask us please contact us via social media, email or telephone.

We are happy to assist you.